C4D is a mattress and upholstery Sales Office representing a group of manufacturers including Com40, Correct and EBI. We have global presence with production facilities in central Poland (Nowe Skalmierzyce) and in the US (Danville, Virginia). Globally, we employ over 3,600 people and our companies occupy 240 000 m2. Our production capabilities are about 4000 sofas and 7000 mattresses daily. Annually, we make 1 mln sofas (or other upholstered furniture) and 2 mln mattresses. 


Our production set-up is quite unique as over the years our companies have become vertically integrated. We started in 2000 as a manufacturer of upholstery and mattresses to then add production of various mattress and upholstery components including covers, wadding, foam, latex, bonnell springs, pocket springs, and wire. We constantly search for new ideas which improve our efficiency and production process and in consequence, our prices. Our philosophy is that every year we should be able to offer more competitive prices to our partners and customers.

We work with the customer to develop the furniture they require. We can accommodate large quantities and mass production, but also premium products requiring individual attention. Large customers require seamless deliveries and we are able to deliver very fast in the whole of Europe by maintaining a large warehouse and developing new solutions in logistics. We ship more than 100 trucks per day. We put a large emphasis on quality control and we understand that even the most affordable products need to have consistent quality. We have FSC® certification ensuring that our products are environmentally friendly and produced using sustainable methods.

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